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After a long day in the sun without proper hydration, people face all sorts of uncomfortable repercussions. You may end up with a nasty sunburn, extreme dehydration and, possibly, even heat stroke. In extreme cases, some people are rushed to the hospital in order to be effectively rehydrated and revived to a healthy state. In many ways, lawns, trees and shrubs are really no different. The frequent sun exposure, poor hydration and dry air of a drought can do serious damage to your landscaping. Unfortunately, unlike people, plants have a much slimmer chance of bouncing back without intervention.

Sometimes, when lawns become dotted with brown and yellow dry spots where grass has burned away, time and watering will do little to no good. In fact, instead of healthy grass growing back over these spots, dead areas can become home to unsightly crab grass and fast-growing weeds. Over time, annual grass and weeds will spread and ruin your once perfectly groomed lawn. Luckily, there are ways to bring your grass back to life after a drought.

Here in Milwaukee and Waukesha, the best time to replenish your lawn is during the hot and sticky dog days of summer. Late August and September present ideal conditions and temperatures for silt seeding and other techniques used to treat lawn spots. Additionally, this is the perfect time for fertilizing your lawn so it has plenty of opportunity to thicken up before the following winter and spring.

If you’re concerned over the state of your lawn after this summer’s extreme heat waves, please get in touch with Liban’s Lanscaping. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, we have the knowledge, certification and experience necessary to bring your lawn back to life.

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